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Why Weed Man

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Our Commitment

We Care For Your Lawn!

 At Weed Man Salisbury, NC, we are guided by the philosophy “Promises Kept”. It’s a simple philosophy, but with so many lawn care companies to choose from, we know that we must make a difference in the way we treat you and your lawn.

Our Promise

Superior Products

Weed Man Salisbury, NC prides itself on its superior products; we are committed to providing the best possible products at the right time and the right amount. Our products are all federally tested and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency, who are committed to the health and safety of Americans. When you hire Weed Man Salisbury, NC as your lawn care provider, we become a partner in understanding what your lawn care requirements are. We will provide you with a free lawn care quote that will include a program that is just right for you.

Professional and Courteous Service

Our employees are the backbone of the company, since we rely on them to deliver professional service to our customers. Weed Man Salisbury, NC has an ongoing employee training program that includes a regular schedule of seminars and information updates on NC plant health care, safety procedures and customer service. In addition to meeting and exceeding industry regulatory requirements all Weed Man Salisbury, NC technicians must demonstrate their knowledge of plant health care, and Weed Man field safety procedures before they can wear the Weed Man uniform. Our technicians are trained to treat your lawn as if it were their own.

Open Communication

The best partners for Weed Man Salisbury, NC professionals are knowledgeable customers. For this reason we provide not only the services but also the information you need to keep your lawn healthy. The true value of Weed Man’s service is realized only when both the company and the customer are doing their part. Weed Man Salisbury, NC recommends and performs the right services at the right time and provides the customer with post-treatment instructions as well as valuable information about proper mowing and watering practices. Many of our customers who continue to use our services year after year have discovered that their lush, green lawn is achieved as a result of their continuous partnership with Weed Man Salisbury, NC.

Commitment to the Environment

Weed Man Salisbury, NC is committed to being stewards of the environment, our commitment to always using and developing new products and techniques with the environment in mind. Our NC technicians are thoroughly trained in agronomy and in the proper procedures for all products used for the maintenance of healthy lawns. Using the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) preventive approach recommended by governments, Weed Man Salisbury, NC professionals work with home owners to prevent problems through basic mowing, watering and fertilizing practices that will head off most serious turf grass problems.

The Weed Man

Weed Man Salisbury, NC uses only the finest quality products on your lawn applied by the most highly trained, experienced lawn care professionals. When utilizing our complete lawn care program in combination with proper watering and cutting procedures; Weed Man Salisbury, NC can give you a healthier, better looking lawn.